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Factors Influencing Normal and Disordered Puberty

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Main Researcher: Casper Hagen
MD, PhD, EDMaRC Post Doc Scholar
Other Researchers: Anders Juul, Katharina Main, Marie L Johansen, Alexander Busch, Louise  Scheutz and Louise Fugl
Period: January 1st  – March 31st 2015

Casper Hagen was recruited as an EDMaRC post doc for 3 months, following his PhD dissertation in 2014 on AMH as a marker of ovarian activity in healthy girls.
During the 3 months as an EDMaRC scholar Casper continued his research on AMH in girls with normal and disordered puberty. This resulted in several publications.
After his employment stopped, he was employed at a pediatric department, but remained employed as a part-time consultant (research supervision) hereafter; 8 hours a week.
During his time as an EDMaRC scholar, he served as co-supervisor for several young researchers including Jeanette Tinggaard (Endocrine disruptors and body composition in children),  Alexanders Busch (FSH gene variants and puberty) and Louise Fugl (MRI quantification of breast tissue).
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