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Research Training Courses

EDMaRC offers research training (PhD) courses throughout the year. The courses are normally one-day seminars with leading international speakers or 3-4 day workshops targeted at PhD students and are co-organized with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 
In EDMaRC we are also proud to host shorter seminars and presentations from visiting scientist. 

Upcoming Presentations
Dr. Thomas Travison
Institute for Aging Research, Harvard Medical School
Title: Derivation of harmonized testosterone reference ranges using data from four multinational cohorts.
Time: February 23th, 2017 13:00-13:45
Venue: Conference room, section GR-5064, Rigshospitalet

Dr. Thomas Travison is a biostatistician and clinical trialist and currently the director of the Biostatistics group at Institute for Aging Research and associate professor at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the epidemiology and treatment of illnesses of aging. He has served as investigator and/or lead statistician on multiple large longitudinal studies in aging, including the Massachusetts Male Aging Study and the Boston Area Community Health / Bone investigation.

About his presentation:
Rigorously derived reference ranges are essential for distinguishing healthy individuals from those with illnesses, and constitute the foundation of our contemporary approach to diagnosis of clinical disorders. We have previously published reference ranges for circulating testosterone levels generated in healthy men who were participants in the Framingham Heart Study; similar data have been published in other populations. However, an important unresolved question is whether the reference ranges generated in one population of men can be applied more broadly to men in other geographic regions and in other populations. In this talk, we describe the harmonization of data from four multinational cohorts in North American and Europe to a contemporary laboratory standard. In doing so, we demonstrate that a nontrivial portion of variation between cohorts is due to assay variation, and that age-specific quantiles of the testosterone distribution are remarkably similar after adjustment. Harmonized age-specific reference ranges for these populations have been reported and the implications for ongoing research and clinical practice will be discussed.

EDMaRC Ph.D. defence
Stine Aagergaard Holmboe, MScPH 
Title: Testosterone as a risk factor for metabolic syndorme related disease and mortality in men 
Time: February 24th, 2017 14:00
Venue: Auditorium 1, Rigshospitalet

Upcoming Courses
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