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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Laboratory Leader
Hanne Frederiksen
PhD, Senior Scientist
In the analytical chemistry laboratory, we perform liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analysis of human matrices for routine and research. The laboratory analyses more than 14.000 patient and research samples per year and cover methods for steroid hormones, specific peptides (e.g. INSL-3) and non-persistent endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) including from three to 38 analytes per method. The primary staff includes two laboratory technicians, one senior biochemist and one senior chemist (leader of lab) and the lab is equipped with three LC-MS/MS platforms. The lab is accredited by the Danish Accreditation Fund (DANAK) according to standard DS/EN ISO15189 (medical examination) and participates in inter-laboratory validation and control programs and serves as reference laboratory in international harmonized approach programs.

In the analytical chemistry laboratory, about 50% of the activities are allocated to routine patient analysis, while the remaining 50% are used for:
  • development of new advanced multiple LC-MS/MS methods
  • development of human reference materials for steroid and peptide hormones based on LC-MS/MS measurements for use in the clinic and research projects
  • human biomonitoring (HBM) of exposure to EDCs such as phthalates, bisphenols, UV filters, parabens, paracetamol i.a.
  • Research on metabolic distribution, breakdown and excretion of EDCs
  • Research interactions between EDCs and natural steroid hormones and other effects on human reproductive health
Routine Analysis
The following methods are offered as routine analysis in the analytical chemistry laboratory:
  • Androgen group (P-androgengruppe, EPC00063), which include the analytes DHEAS, 17OHP, androstenedione, and testosterone (T) (calculations of free T and free androgen index (FAI) are included if SHBG concentrations are available)
  • Estrogen group (P-østrogengruppe, NPU12122), which include the analytes estrone (E1), estradiol (E2), and estriol (calculations of free E1 and free E2 are included if SHBG concentrations are available)
  • Insulin-like factor 3 (INSL-3, NPU58747)
Dept. of Growth and Reproduction
Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet
Blegdamsvej 9
DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark

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