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Our Research
At EDMaRC we take a life cycle approach to endocrine disruption of reproductive health and the consequenses thereoff at all stages of life. Our research aims to improve our understanding of hormone regulation of normal sex development, children's growth and sexual maturation, and adult reproductive function and how these processes can be disrupted by genetic and environmental factors. Thus, in EDMaRC we interpret "endocrine disruption" in the broadest sense, including all factors that affect endocrine systems whether it be genetic, lifestyle, or environmental factors.
Most of our research projects and collaborations fall under five main topics: differences in sex development (DSD); child growth and metabolism; puberty and its disorders; testicular function (clinical research); etiology of testicular dysgenesis syndrom (TDS) and germ cell cancer.  

Dept. of Growth and Reproduction
Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet
Blegdamsvej 9
DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark

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