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The Pituitary Gonadal Axis in Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood; Minipuberty and Puberty
30th Nov to 2nd December 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
A 3-day Ph.D course with lectures and interactive workshops. 25 leading international experts presented at the event. Participants were encouraged to submit a brief abstract of their work related to the course. Completion of the course gave 4.40 ECTS points for students. 
The themes covered at the workshop:
  • What determines puberty timing?
  • Why does the human species have a minipuberty?
  • Is infant or adolescent activation of the HPG axis forerunners of adult reproductive health?
  • Why is development of secondary sexual characteristics occurring earlier and earlier?
  • Is it due to lifestyle, environment, genetic polymorphisms or epigenetic modifications?
  • Optimal clinical management of HPG disorders

See the programme here.  

From primordial germ cells to spermatozoa 
24th - 27th November 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
The course format was a highly specialized workshop and targeted mainly young post graduate students (basic and clinical) and early career scientists/clinicians as well as more senior scientists/clinicians. The objective was to provide the participants with a state of the art profile of main issues in male reproductive health and to inspire them in their research and clinical careers. The workshop has recieved accreditation by The European Academy of Andrology (EAA) as an educational course for andrology trainees aiming at an EAA certification and The University of Copenhagen as a PhD course (3 ECTS credits).
International Postgraduate Course: Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) - The role of genes and the environment
26th - 27th April 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
The course was multidisciplinary, not only with respect to the faculty and students, but also the topics ranging from basic science (in silico, in vitro and animal models) to toxicology, food engineering, medical sciences and public health. The course received accreditation from The University of Copenhagen as PhD course (1.3 ECTS credits) .

Annual Meeting of the International Network for Young Researchers in Male Fertility
12th - 13 May 2014
The first EDMaRC PhD course was successfully held in Elsinore, Denmark, 12-13 May 2014. The course was also the annual meeting of the International Network for Young Researchers in Male Fertility (INYRMF). 

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