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The COPENHAGEN Puberty Study

The COPENHAGEN Puberty Study is a combined cross sectional and longitudinal study of healthy Danish children.
Cross- sectional cohort
All children at randomly selected schools in Copenhagen were invited (6203 children). Of these, 1864 (1097 girls and 767 boys, age 5.6-20 years) accepted to participate, resulting in an overall participation rate of 30%. These children went through a thorough clinical examination, delivered urine samples and had blood samples taken. 
Longitudinal cohort
209 healthy Danish children (108 girls), were examined and blood samples were drawn every 6 months. In July 2011, the mean (range) number of examinations per child was 7 (2-10). 

Data Collection
More details about the clinical examinations, samples collected, clinical biochemistry and analytical chemistry carried out until now can be found HERE.

Ethical aspects
The study was approved by ethical committees of the Capital Region (RegionH) and in accordance with the Helsinki II declaration. All children and their parents gave informed consent to participate in the study.
Sponsors and Collaborators
Aase and Ejnar Danielsen Foundation
Anti-Doping Denmark
Copenhagen University
European Commission
Kirsten and Freddy Johansen Foundation
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark
Rigshospitalet, Denmark
Principal investigator
Professor Anders Juul
Investigators (former and current)
Annette Mouritsen MD
Casper Hagen MD
Kaspar Sørensen MD, PhD
Lise Aksglæde MD, PhD
Mikkel Mieritz, MD
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